User list

This page lists user-account registered in your helpdesk system. You can add new users, click existing users to view their profiles and import/export to CSV. You can also filter the list and show only administrators or technicians, enabled/disabled users etc.

You can also review Companies your users are assigned to (for instance, if you want to review "tickets per company" later or calculate the total time you spend on each company etc.)

User roles

Jitbit Help-Desk has three user roles:

User - is a regular user who submits support tickets to the system.

Technician - is a user who is permitted (by an administrator) to handle tickets in one or more categories. A technician receives email notifications about every new ticket in a category. NOTE: To make a user a technician you have to "grant" him permissions to handle tickets in some category. This is done through the category editing form in the admin section.

Administrator - changes system settings, assigns users to categories (thus making them technicians), creates categories, adds/deletes users etc. NOTE: By default an administrator does not get notified of new issues in the helpdesk system, unless he is assigned as a "technician" to some category.


(on-premise version only)

If you click the "Update from AD" button - the system will import user details from AD for existing users (new user won' be imported, creating new users happens automatically when a user opens the helpdesk app).

The fields are mapped as follows:
Helpdesk fieldAD-Field
username sAMAccountName (used to find a user in AD)
email mail
firstName givenName
lastName sn
phone telephoneNumber
office physicalDeliveryOfficeName
adLanguage preferredLanguage
company company
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