Administrator home

This is the start page for Jitbit HelpDesk administrator's panel that links to other administrative areas.

General settings edits design, colors, custom logo and some workflow settings, like "are anonymous users allowed to create tickets?", "should a closed ticket be reopened when someone replies to it?" and similar

Email settings edits the email-integration options, like "which mailbox to check?", "should the system accept emails form unregistered users?" etc.

Users edits users and their permissions. You can also assign users to "companies" for reporting and more accurate permissions editing

Categories, Custom fields, Custom statuses - different ways to tune your tickets

Automation rules - make the helpdesk do stuff "when something happens". Like "send an email when a ticket is due" and similar

Support widget - adds a "contact us" and "live chat" feedback widgets to your website with one line of JavaScript.

Integration - integrate with outside apps - bugtrackers, chat apps etc

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